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Thread: NHL 2004 Dynasty playoffs/menu crash

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    NHL 2004 Dynasty playoffs/menu crash


    My NHL 2004 game crashed when the game is returning to the dynasty menu from the first match of my playoffs. It just stops running with the error message "the program was closed" or what ever it is, I have my windows 7 in Finnish.

    I have installed the game to the C:\Games\NHL2004

    Also when I try to select elitserien from the international menu it crashes.

    It gives me a script error when I try to watch the trophy menu.
    I just shows the header, internet explorer script error, but I cannot see what it says.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Crashing might have something to do with the edited 09-10 season schedule. The current roster uses the original one.

    Also, make sure you have the newest interface build installed, along with arena-lite.viv (for dynasty).

    Here is the mod link.

    About the script error, see the chapter #5 of this post:

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    Forgot to add: the same problem exists with and without mods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cnopicilin View Post
    Forgot to add: the same problem exists with and without mods.
    Then it's most likely Windows7 / Internet Explorer / dll files related problem (missing scripts, or dll files).

    It's still 100% impossible to help if you don't post a screenshot or full description of that exact script error. I don't know why this is so difficult to's like telling to a doctor that "you're sick" without describing the illness (cancer, headache, obesity, acne problem, etc.)...

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    No script error with the trophies anymore, just "nhl 2004.exe has stopped working" with the international leagues. I didn't want to spend 20 minutes with the dynasty match because it would be high likely to crash. I had vista and had the same crash.

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    Do you have the latest rosters and arena.viv installed? There are numerous changes, like Rogle -> AIK, etc. etc.

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    I have the ones which were new in july 10th 2010. I'll try the new ones.

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