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Thread: The Stockholm Syndrome - Fredrik Hammarbäck (Episode 4)

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    The Stockholm Syndrome - Fredrik Hammarbäck (Episode 4)

    The Stockholm Syndrome
    with Fredrik Hammarbäck

    The Stockholm Syndrome is an article series and gives you a chance to get to know more about the Stockholm Aeros and it's players.

    Tonight we are sitting down with Fredrik Hammarbäck, a native from Robertsfors located in northern Sweden. Fredrik, how does it feel to play for Stockholm?
    - "It feels good, Sweden is my hometown and my mother is from Stockholm so it feels good to be home again."

    This is your first season in the ISHL after being drafted by Kazan Wyverns prior to this season. How was your time in Kazan?
    - "I don't really know if I ever fit in Kazan, I did have my Swedish mate on the team but something didn't feel right there."

    It was not very long ago you had to pack your bags for Stockholm, what was your thougts on the trade?
    - "I am glad, like I said before to be a part of the only Swedish organisation in the league with Kristan and Alex is something I enjoy. So obviously I live in a top notch apartment in Stockholm instead of not so good in Kazan so I can't find anything about my trade that is bad."

    The Aeros found quite an important role for you on the team as you are leading their shut-down line and seeing lots of time on the penalty killing, do you like the role you have been given by the management or would you like to see a more offensive role?
    - "The role Aeros have given me fits me perfectly, I am more of a team player and I love get a lot of playing time on the ice. You can you see on my stats so far, no goal only assists but I am hoping to score soon too."

    Except for being a team player, how would you describe yourself as a player?
    - "I have been traning very hard on my stamina, I think that it important for my type of player. My first coach in Sweden said to me I am going to make in in the big league because I was like a fast ferret on the ice. Another ability of mine is my passing play, I think I have got it going quite well in Stockholm lately. "

    It really sounds that you are enjoying your time in Stockholm. How has your teammates been treating you in the beginning with you being a rookie?
    - "Haha, it is always hard to jump into a so tight group, but I have been treated well by my new team members and fans here in Stockholm."

    As a rookie, do your teammates let you do any extra things like collecting all the pucks after the practices?
    - "Yeah, they do that but that it's just the routine on all teams, if you are a rookie you have to do some stuff to fit in the team."

    The Aeros just recently acquired Ilya Sarin and thus finding their desired first line center they have been seeking for a long time, what are your thoughts about the trade?
    - "He is a very skilled player with lots of experience, I think he is going to bring more offense to the first line."

    How do you think the season will proceed for you guys?
    - "We have had a fantastic season so far but it's now the big competition lays on us, do we have what it takes to take home the cup to Stockholm? Yeah I think so."

    Now to our favorite segment, five quick ones. First question, boobs or butts?
    - "Boobs! No butts."

    Beating Will Telfer in a mechanical bull contest or beating Markus Helldörfer in elk racing?
    - "I am Swedish so have to go with beating Markus in elk racing."

    A booze cruise with very ugly Finnish women or a sauna with very handsome Swedish gay men?
    - "Haha, Swedish gay men I think."

    A nice hit or a nice goal?
    - "Definitely a nice goal!"

    And to finish it off, Alex Morgan or Hope Solo?
    - "Alex!"

    Thank you for doing the interview Fredrik.
    - "Thank you."

    Stay tuned for the next episode of The Stockholm Syndrome.



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